Our Portfolio


WBC has engaged in developing mobile applications from 2009.
Expertise in native app development in iOS and Android platforms.
Cross platforms applications development using Cordova. We have also developed plugins in cordova.
Multi domain knowledge , from developing games to creating huge enterprise apps.
Good experience in using API for GPS, Camera, in app purchases etc.
Push notifications using APNS, GCM and FCM including integrating FCM in iOS apps.
Integrated with third party APIs from Netflix, Facebook, Twitter and Google etc.
Developed a challenging multilingual mobile wallet application with audio prompts and voice inputs.


From the days of Android froyo, we here at WBC have developed apps for Android. As Android platform matured so have our expertise in developing apps for it. Though we proud ourselves in using the newest APIs and design principles, our apps are made to work for even older platforms. We test our apps thoroughly so that it runs flawlessly across multiple form factors and devices.


We started our iOS development when it was still called iPhone OS. We have designed and developed a wide range of iOS applications. Whether you want to see your idea of a new game come to life or improve the productivity for your employees through an enterprise mobile app, you will not go wrong with WBC.


When you want to reduce your cost and develop a new App that runs in both Android and iOS, Cordova is a wise choice. Not all applications needs native code and cordova provides faster time to market and reduced development cost. Cordova plugins helps in accessing device APIs when you need an extra functionality. At WBC our developers we have developed Apps that runs flawlessly from Android phone to an iPad pro.

HTML5/ Responsive website

Looking to make your website accessible for mobile users? Our designers are well experienced in designing websites just look awesome whether you use it on your 30 inch desktop or on a 5 inch mobile. By making use of the latest design principles, we will make your website look great in multiple platforms.

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